Who: Christiney

What: A Professional Runaway

When: The Week Before College Orientation

Where: Seoul, South Korea

Why: As a typical overachieving, stressed, and burnt-out Korean-American living in Los Angeles, Christiney underwent a severe panic attack when she realized that her life was going to follow the typical route – good grades, good college, good grades, good job, good salary, etc. ┬áThen, when her parents changed their tune of “graduate high school and get into a good college and you’ll be able to do whatever you want” to “graduate from college and get a good job and you’ll be able to do whatever you want when you retire“, she realized that unless she did something drastic, her life was going to pass her by before she truly lived it.

So, the week before her college orientation (to one of the best┬ácolleges in Cali), Christiney emptied out her savings and hopped on a plane to Seoul, South Korea. Without telling anyone, including her parents. Which didn’t bode well with her parents who promptly contacted their friend in the FBI who tracked her down who, then, alerted her family and the proper authorities who, then, served as her “welcoming” party when Christiney finally got off the plane.

Her first stint at running away failed, but it served its purpose: her parents finally realized that they were demanding too much from here. From that moment since, she’s been running away from the fate of a mundane, comfortable life. She isn’t quite a professional yet, but she’s getting there.

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